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Nevermind the last post, I was having some sort of crazy breakdown. It's been coming for the past week or so. Then...inspiration! I'm back to normal. My hair looks pretty crazy, like a baby mohawk. I kind of like it when I gel it. So...yeah. Once it grows out an inch or two I can turn it into a baby faux hawk. Yay.

Back to recording, I am. I'm also starting a neat neat label, by the way.

Crazies are gone...for now.

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Hey guys, guess what? Conor Oberst went onstage drunk at the Glastonbury festival, insulted some people, etc, was a general ass. And then Amanda Palmer from the Dresden Dolls streaked onstage and made out with him for ten minutes.

If you don't believe me, google it. Amanda Palmer wrote about it in her tour diary. Hm.

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I doubt that I exist -- but I do not doubt that I doubt -- and if I doubt then I am thinking -- therefore, if I'm thinking then I must be existing.

The above equation is flawed from a mathematical standpoint. One quick action doesn't equal something that can possibly last forever, if not a very long time. If you're dead, you theoretically don't exist anymore, but your body is still there. Your atoms won't disintegrate for several million years.

We don't exist?

EDIT: WE DON'T EXIST FROM A MATHEMATICAL STANDPOINT. But we do from a philosophical one, but only while we're thinking.